Surviving Black Friday Mayhem

Zac Mullings -- Stores advertise early morning deals and special offers.

Huge crowds, long lines, lots of waiting and fighting over the latest iPad – these are all things one might expect to see at any Black Friday event.

Black Friday can be stressful but the famous shopping day can be used to one’s financial advantage. With the lower-than-low prices and bargains on hot ticket items, shoppers can check Christmas gifts for family and friends off their list nearly four weeks ahead of time.

To help make the most out of a Black Friday experience rather than be overwhelmed with stress and anxi- ety, here are some “do’s” and “don’ts” to keep in mind.

Do make a list:

Crystal McGlover, freshman at California Baptist University, as well as an avid Black Friday shopper said, “It’s very beneficial for someone who is Christmas shopping to make a list, especially if it’s your first time.”

Making a list helps you to remain organized and on-task when the chaos of Black Friday unfolds. Instead of wandering or trying to think of which deal to pursue, think of what gift would be best for each person on your list and then continue your search.

Do map out your day:

“Know where you are going and at which time you’ll be going to each place,” McGlover said. Planning your route throughout the day will help you so that you’re not driving in circles- wasting gas and patience.

Don’t wait until the end of the day:

The pandemonium of Black Friday may lead people to believe that if they just wait until most shoppers have decided to go home, they can avoid the madness. Katie Ramirez, freshman, as well as a former sales associate at American Eagle, urges the opposite.

“It’s pretty busy throughout the whole day, especially in the morn- ing, but if you wait, you may not find what you were looking for be- cause the item may no longer be in stock.” So wake up at a decent, morning hour, use your checklist and make your way through the crowds.

Do dress comfortably:

“Because of the amount of people in each store, the temperature increases throughout the day, and it can become very unpleasant,” Ramirez said.

After a long day of running around and shopping, you will want to feel comfortable. Wearing sweatshirts for the colder temperatures outside, while being able to take them off to wear cooler shirts inside is suggested. Looking your best is not a priority when you’ve committed yourself to a long day of bargain hunting.

Don’t forget to do your research:

“Look for adds in the newspaper or magazines where you can find and compare prices,” especially if you’re looking for which store has the best deal on a usually expensive item, McGlover said.

She said that it’s also important to look out for the deals that only last for a certain amount of time or have a limited quantity. “Knowing where these deals are will help you to better map out your plan of attack.”

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