When turkey does not carve it

Jessica Bills -- Experimenting with alternative meal ideas makes planning the traditional Turkey Thanksgiving less hectic and creative.

Thanksgiving is a time traditionally known for three things: giving thanks, being with family and eating a big, juicy turkey with all the fixings. But does it have to be that way?

Of course, the holiday must focus around giving thanks, if for no other reason than because of the holiday’s name. Spending time with family is a blessing as well unless that is impossible, as may be the case for some college students.

Why must the main course focus around the big, juicy and expensive turkey?

According to Primer Magazine, the turkey tradition began with the pilgrims because it was their only available meat.

However, in a world where Walmart is everywhere, turkey is no longer the sole option. The following are a few alternatives available for the final Thursday in November:

1. Tofurky: This is the most obvious but important meatless option for any celebrating vegetarians, vegans or those that enjoy tofu. Tofurky has been produced since 1995, is sold pre- made and comes with all the fixings. For more information, visit Tofurky. com.

2. Roast Chicken Dinner: Why not try the other white meat on the big day? Chicken is inexpensive and can be prepared numerous ways to satisfy a number of different palates. Another bonus of using chicken is the time it takes to cook a chicken is shorter than the time it takes to prepare a turkey. All of the same traditional side dishes can be served with chicken, as well.

3. Tamales: Yes, tamales are traditionally a Christmastime tradition for many American families, but why not start early? Tamales are a delicious treat that most family members will enjoy. They are also somewhat nutritious as they are a good source of protein; however, they are high in fat as well. The process of creating the tamale dinner will be time-consuming, but rewarding. Tamales can be an intriguing option as well because it brings the family together during the creation process. They also store easily and last longer so that there are enjoyable leftovers after the holiday.

4. Pot Luck: What could be better than a pot luck? This way, you can ensure that everyone present will have a meal they will enjoy. It also makes the event more interactive and enjoyable. Pot lucks allow for a variety of foods that appeal to every attendee. This option allows for the inclusion of family tradition and family recipes.

Remember: at the core of Thanksgiving, the holiday was designed as an opportunity to give thanks. It is fun to think about the different, delicious foods, but use the holiday as a chance to assess your life and God’s many provisions.

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