‘Yule’ have a great time

Yule, an annual winter formal, gives students at California Baptist University the chance to dress up, go to a fancy location, eat scrumptious food and enjoy top-of-the-line entertainment.

This year will be no different, as the event will be held at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel on Friday, Dec. 2.

“The main reason we do Yule is to celebrate the announcement of Mr. and Ms. CBU,” Chris Hofschroer, director of community life, said.

The event will feature several forms of entertainment, ranging from a performance by comedian Michael Jr. to an interactive photo booth and close-up magicians.

“The hardest part about Yule every year is entertainment. We cannot dance, but we still want to have a good time,” Hofschroer said.

Michael Jr. was the main entertainment for last year’s Yule, but this year Hofschroer promises that his act is brand new. The office of Community Life also takes suggestions for Yule entertainment year-round if students have ideas.

Even with other activities, Hofschroer maintains that the focus should stay on the individuals crowned Mr. and Ms. CBU.

“These are two seniors that demonstrate leadership and excellence in and outside of the classroom, basically, just a good student that people enjoy to be around,” Hofschroer said.

This year’s nominees for Mr. CBU are Jerrod Steele, Ryan Falsetti, Sammy Ramos, Francis Maikai, Jr. and Chris Tracy. Nominees for Ms. CBU are Maria Roque, Katelyn Garmon, Katelyn Morgan, Elizabeth Gerhartz and Tiffany Hamilton.

Yule has long been celebrated at upscale venues like Fender Museum of Music and the Arts, Long Beach Airport and Marriot Hotels. However, for at least the past seven years in a row, the Disneyland hotels have played host to the event.

Many students ask why Yule is held at the Disneyland hotels, but passes to the park are not included.

“That is something I definitely looked into adding,” Hofschroer said, “but it would double, almost triple the ticket price. Instead, we opted to accommodate more students at a cheaper price.”

This year, Community Life provided 450 tickets for Yule. This is a 50 percent increase from the 300 they offered for last year’s event.

Even with the ticket increase, the event is so popular among students that it sold out in four days.

“I think Yule was great last year and the year before. It has been established as a fantastic event,” Hofschroer said. “I think that is why we sold out faster than ever before.”

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