Making smartphones holiday savvy

A smartphone seems to help at every turn. Whether connecting you with a long-distance friend, reminding you to wake up or lighting your path in a dark hallway, it is hard to imagine a day without it.

This Christmas, let your own personal elf make the holiday season even better. Both the Apple and Android App Market have a plethora of applications to fill December with Christmas cheer. From apps that will organize your holiday shopping to games that will ease the tension from your finals, there is something for everyone and any need.

Apple Users

The Christmas List

Look no further for the best app to conquer holiday shopping madness. Simply enter the people you need to buy for, what you want to get them and go shop. This app organizes each person, tracks spending based on individuals or groups, and provides popular stores for each item. You can also password protect your list for the curious ones on your list. The ability to store photos of people and gifts customizes this essential app to make this year’s shopping easier than ever.

Price: $0.99

Santa’s Christmas Village

This is an app that will get you into the Christmas spirit no matter how much time you have to spare. Visit Santa’s Village to play various classic games with a holiday twist, including Hangman, Checkers, Mahjong and Word Search. You can also listen to different seasonal music to get you in the mood while enjoying these activities. Visit each shop within the village for a surprise every time you play.

Price: $0.99 (After a 50 percent Christmas special discount)


This app is for those who remember the days when you opened the Advent Calendar every day until Christmas for a sweet treat. Christmas!! keeps you busy until the day Santa comes with games, songs and jokes for everyone to enjoy. Open your Calendar every day for a surprise. The best part is this app never gets old- use it again next December for a wintery wonderland of fun.

Price: Free

White Christmas

Living in Southern California makes it hard for many people to get the White

Christmas they may desire. Thankfully, this app allows you to fake your winter wonderland. Take a picture of yourself, friends, family or scenery, than add wintry images to your picture. You can place falling snow in your face, put a snowman in the background and much more. You can then upload your creation directly to Facebook and Twitter to show your friends a snowy Christmas.

Price: Free


Make each present you give this year a masterpiece they will be reluctant to even open. Wrapspiration allows you to browse beautifully wrapped gifts and replicate them for yourself. Once you find a style you enjoy, simply click for details on where to buy the exact wrapping paper, ribbons and accessories. Feel free to follow the pictures exactly or create your own twist. After following the instructions on wrapping, you will be the envy under the Christmas tree.

Price: $0.99

Android Users

Christmas ringtones

This self-explanatory app does exactly what it says. Simply preview the variety of beautiful Christmas-themed ringtones, find the one that suits you best and click to start. Customization is key for this app- you can add different songs for calls, text messages and even assign special ringtones to certain people on your contact list. Tell your parents that “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” while singing your best friend a line of “Jingle Bells” this year for some holiday delight.

Price: $0.99

Snowfall Live Wallpaper

Make your phone’s homescreen your own holiday paradise. Set your screen for animated snow to fall gently on some pine trees and light up the page with the Aurora Borealis lights. Get in the Christmas spirit by adding some string lights or Santa’s sleigh in the background. Create your own customized version of a snowstorm with different options to control the weather. Finally, sit back and enjoy your personalized winter, even if it is from inside a classroom.

Price: $0.99

Flightview Elite

Though this app is more expensive than most, it can be critical help for a frequent holiday traveler. As the app’s information page says, it allows you to “check flight arrival and departure times, view a flight’s altitude and speed, save trip details, and see airport delay maps all from the comfort of your phone.” With airport directions to weather forecasts, this will help you from the start to end of your holiday trips. It also shows you the approximate location of any flight in the air so you can check in on family com- ing to you for Christmas. With this app’s assistance, you will spend less time on travel worries and more time on enjoy- ing the holidays.

Price: $3.99

Xmas Carols – Karaoke Sing Along

As Buddy the Elf says, “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!” Add some cheer to your holiday season by going caroling with friends and family using this handy app. Pick from a variety of traditional Christmas songs and simply follow along with the accompanying words and music. The full length soundtracks will make your voices sound even better as your group grab some hot cocoa, open this app and give your neighbors a rea- son to smile.

Price: $0.99

Both Users

Christmas Tale

Price: Free

Angry Birds Seasons

Price: Free


Price: Free

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