Say farewell to the last class of 2011

It is that time again when students come to the end of their college careers, ready to enter the real world.

These seniors will close their chapter at California Baptist University and begin the next.

Frances Hooker, marketing major, desires to work in missions.

“I knew I wanted to work for a church, possibly helping missionaries raise funds to go overseas, help the church do outreach and community events,” Hooker said.

After being a history major and an art major, Hooker realized marketing would help reach that goal.

Off the field, Tina Galinato, has worked rigorously on her kinesiology major. She took summer school classes every year and earned units at a community college in addition to her units at CBU.

“My goals are to get my master’s degree in kinesiology and work until I go into occupational therapy,” Galinato said.

Hooker and Galinato have put in many hours of hard work to be where they are, and soon they will walk across the stage at Harvest Christian Fellowship, where commencement exercises take place, to receive their diplomas.

Looking back, they had life changing experiences at CBU. “Before I came to CBU, I was lukewarm and ignorant of the deep, relational love Christ has for us. Now, my relationship with him is personal and is truly my identity,” Hooker said. “When I was a freshman, I didn’t know what I wanted … as the years went by, I grew and realized that if I was going to get something done, I had to do it myself,” Galinato said.

They realized, through hard work and faith, it was possible to let God take control and still strive for what they wanted.

“Learning to depend on myself first was one of the biggest things I changed,” Galinato said.

These are the seniors’ final days being on campus, living with their roommates and walking to the Alumni Dining Commons. They have acquired fond memories throughout their years as Lancers.

“I loved when Michael Franzese spoke in chapel. His testimony was so humbling and heroic,” Hooker said.

“Intramural football this year was a blast. I loved the girls I played with, and even though I didn’t know any of them before joining the team, they made me feel like a valued part of the group,” Hooker said.

The best memories are created with those around the most – friends. Galinato has a tight-niched bond with her teammates in which she dedicates most of her college experience to the “softball life.”

“The people that came in and out of my life were amazing, and everything I’ve been through has been worth it … Nothing can replace the memories I made. Anyone on a team would know what I mean,” Galinato said.

Reflecting on their experiences, they not only gained lifelong friendships but matured and learned more about who they are.

Hooker secured a job with her church, Crossroads Christian Church in Corona.

“[I will be doing] their social media and developing their online campus and community groups, which will be incredible,” Hooker said.

As many seniors will say, time at CBU is short. Enjoy friends, professors and time spent learning. These are times that shape lives.

“The admissions staff is amazing. Through my internship with them, I made huge leaps in overcoming my fear of public speaking and meeting people. The staff truly cares about student leaders and student workers in their office,” Hooker said.

“I would tell the under-classmen to take this experience in and enjoy the ride. It goes by faster than you think,” Galinato said.

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