A new year, a new look for The Banner

Over Christmas break, “The Banner” underwent a minor, yet significant change. After many years of what we call a “Tabloid-size” newspaper, we finally added inches to its length, in hopes that your reading experience will be heightened (pun intended). Now, there is more room for photos and text. Also, the length-to-width ratio is more reminiscent of mainstream broadsheets, so you’ll feel much more sophisticated as you peruse the latest issue in the Alumni Dining Commons, in your living quarters or while waiting in line outside the Financial Aid Office.

In our spring semester inaugural issue, we also feature more national news than usual. The Southern Baptist Convention, with which our school is affiliated, is in the crux of a debate over whether to change their name. See “America’s largest Protestant denomination considers choosing a new name” for more information on this potential re-branding ordeal. Also, this year’s Presidential race is already quick out of the gate with two state Republican primaries (or caucuses) settled. See who the frontrunner is on page B2.

The year 2012 is also shaping up to be a big year in the technology industry. Many 3-D movies will grace the big screen, and Google’s Android is expanding its capabilities. You can read about last year’s big-tech items on page A3.

It seems each year is filled with change. Much of the change is positive, like mentioned above, but other change can cause excruciating pain. That’s why we included an article about dealing with grief. You can see that on page B3.

No matter what type of change occurs in your life this year—good or bad—you can always, like the Psalmist say, “Let the name of the LORD be praised, both now and forevermore.

About Jenny Miner

I am a journalism major and long-time Banner staff member and will, this year, be serving as the Editor-in-Chief. I just returned from an intense semester in Washington, DC, where I learned a lot about the future of journalism. I am looking forward to one last year working for The Banner and am hopeful that the team will make great strides in keeping up with the rapidly changing journalism field, as well as do our job to keep the CBU community informed about all news California Baptist University.

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