Another great ‘Techie’ year

2011 was a ground breaking year for the world of technology as many new gadgets were released. Among them were:

iPad 2: The latest release of Apple’s tablet computer product was released on March 2. Key features included a new lithium-ion polymer battery that lasts up to 10 hours, the new A5 processor and the addition of front and rear facing cameras. The iPad 2 is available online through and also in electronics retailers around the area. Normal retail price is $499.

iPhone 4-S: Seven months after the release of the newest iPad, Apple struck again and released the new model of the iPhone. The most notable addition to the new iPhone was Siri, the voice activated automatic assistant included with the phone. They used this platform to introduce their newest mobile operating system iOS5 featuring a convenient all-in-one notification system. iPhone 4-S is available online at and in cellular retail stores, starting at $199.

Amazon Kindle Fire: In November, Amazon released what seems to be the closest competition to the iPad. The Kindle Fire takes the traditional e-reader to a whole new level. The product has a 7” display and runs off a version of Google’s Android operating system. The most notable and user-friendly difference between the Kindle Fire and the iPad is its price. The Kindle Fire retails for just $199, a $300 difference from the iPad. Amazon offers the product at this price because
they aim to make their money off the products and apps that users can purchase for the device.

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