Get fit without going far

Mercedes Lebron -- The CBU fitness center is stocked with weights and equipment, this provides an on campus option.

Students of California Baptist University search for alternative ways to stay active on campus as they wait the completion of the Student Recreation Center that will soon be built on Lancer Plaza.

A gym membership is not always convenient or affordable for college students but fortunately there are several ways for CBU students to maintain their physical fitness on campus as they head into the new year. Exercising on campus is often the most convenient option for students and CBU reflects this.

CBU currently has a Fitness Center that is fully stocked with weights and other fitness equipment and this is one of the best options for students who can’t make it to a gym. Free of charge for students, faculty, staff and alumni with a valid CBU ID card, the Fitness Center is a great resource to use to stay active all year long.

The university swimming pool is also available to students. Swimming is a great aerobic activity and will be a relief from the California heat as the spring and summer months approach. The calendar detailing the pool’s hours is available on the CBU athletics homepage at

If the fitness center is not an option or if you are looking for less strenuous fitness options, exercises such as yoga and pilates can be done within the comfort of a dorm or an apartment. Both increase flexibility and are great exercise routines for rainy days and it can be a fun activity for roommates to do together. Lifting small weights and using an exercise ball is also an option for individual workouts. For beginners, there are a number of iPhone applications and instructional videos on Netflix that can guide you through the basics of these enjoyable exercise routines.

Running is another alternative for those who are looking for a great way to take advantage of CBU’s beautiful campus and the surrounding areas while also getting exercise. Running and walking for fitness has been available as a kinesiology class option for students but it is an activity anyone can do independently. It can be a fun activity for groups as people can keep each other accountable and motivated to stick to their exercise resolutions and running in groups is also encouraged for safety reasons, especially at night.

Physical fitness is an integral part of health but it can be difficult to maintain an exercise regimen while juggling classes, homework and other responsibilities.

However CBU has many convenient options for those to looking to start or continue their physical fitness into the new year.

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