Vessel creates divine designs

Jacob Armstrong--Graphic Design students: Jacob Armstrong, Ryan Welsh, Alfredo Luviano and Haley Tortorella meet weekly to serve churchs through re-branding.

What happens when a passionate desire to serve is combined with a creative band of college students equipped with experience in graphic design?

You get Vessel.

Vessel was the idea of Stacey Schoellerman, junior. By sending teams of graphic design students to churches and nonprofits, Vessel will be serving churches both old and new with everything from logos to bulletins.

After participating on two United States Service Project (USP) teams and being faced with illness, Schoellerman knew that this was exactly how she would best be able to serve God.

“Obviously, the most effective way for one to serve is with the gifts God has specifically equipped themwith. Through two USP design trips, I had the foundation for how to practically serve with my design gifts,” Schoellerman said.

Vessel’s mission statement reads: “To inspire a life-long, Christ-centered purpose committed to fulfilling kingdom work through the gift of design.”

“Vessel is the way that, as designers, we can serve God with the same creativity He gifted us with to use for His glory. Our desire to serve is not just in the future. Vessel is a practical, consistent way that we, as students, can serve our Savior now without wasting our time and talents,” Schoellerman said.

Schoellerman is not the only one organizing this student-led ministry. Among the approximately 24 student participants, three are helping by taking on specific organizational tasks.

Sophomore Alyssa Curtis organizes the financial aspects.

“Pretty much what I’m doing is, once we have a budget, making all the travel plans as far as hotels, flights, metro rides, etc., while staying within the budget,” Curtis said. “If we use support letters, I’d be in charge of who has what sent in as far as financial support. I’m heading up more of the logistical side of travel and support.”

Senior Sarah Schnieder is the church contact.

“She communicates with the churches about what they need and what we have to offer,” sophomore Jacob Armstrong said.

Armstrong will be leading worship during meetings.

“I am excited to see what God does with Vessel. I don’t know where He’s going to take it, but even if we can help one church, I know God is going to use everyone immensely.”

Vessel is currently preparing to serve at Redeemer City Church and a church planting organization in San Francisco as well as At the Crossings in Eastvale, Calif. and Palabra de Fe in Bloomington, Calif.

“One of the many and most important lessons God taught me through this was to never ever take even a days’ worth of time for granted,” Schoellerman said. “My desire is not to waste life for myself, but for the lasting glorification of my King. Being acutely aware of the precious, little time I have to do so fuels my passion and immediate action.”

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