Passion extends beyond the Georgia Dome


Photo Illustration by Chris Chardy -- College students from across the country fill the Georgia Dome during the Passion 2012 conference in Atlanta, Ga.

Over the course of four days, youth from the ages of 18 to 25 raised over $3 million for Passion’s “Do Something Now.”

Lines wrapped the Georgia Dome as attendants waited to give this money to fight human trafficking. The original goal of raising $1 million was met by the second day of fundraising.

 According to CNN coverage of the event, the money raised will be donated and used to educate others on the issue of human trafficking, help free slaves, as well as provide shelter and support.

 Bryson Vogeltanz, the chief steward of “Do Something Now,” reported to CNN that there are some 27 million slaves in the world today. A number higher than any other time in history.

 As a symbol of their stand against modern slavery, attendees participated in the creation of a 30-meter tall sculpture of a hand being lifted up. Messages were written on white flags and slave-made products, such as clothing, were then used to cover the lighted sculpture. It was unveiled during a candlelight ceremony.

 “Anybody who went to Passion knows that it is impossible to sum up with words,” sophomore Trey Van Camp said.

 “The biggest thing I took away is that this generation can make a difference to change the world in the name of Jesus. We legitimately can come together and be a force for good that will stop modern-day slavery.”

 Sophomore Kylie Shackleford attended the conference and was moved to action.

 “Personally, the conference rekindled my passion to be an active voice in the prevention of sex trafficking across the globe,” Shackleford said. “For some time, I have had a yearning to do something but I have never felt more compelled than I do now. So, I found a way to practically and locally get involved in doing something now.

 “I plan on getting involved in the International Justice Mission club here at CBU and hope to make a difference in the lives of slaves locally as well as overseas.”

Passion Conference also became a trending topic on Twitter during the course of the conference.

 On March 23, the conference will also take place in Vancouver, Canada. The world tour will continue with events


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