Samsung galaxy Tab 2

IPad owners look out. Samsung is hitting the tablet market with another addition to their Galaxy Tab family.

What appears to be yet another tablet in their line of Galaxy Tabs, the Galaxy Tab 7.0 offers the same quality of on-the-go web browsing and computing as the regular tabs, but in a smaller and more affordable package.

The 7.0 has a seven-inch display, as opposed to the 10.1 and 8-inch displays of older tablets. Having a smaller display means the tablet computer has the potential to be more portable than tablets with a 10-inch display, with hardware and software inside at no cost to performance.

The Galaxy Tab will be able to perform at the same rate and quality as the bigger models that Samsung has to offer, only in a smaller package.

At 0.39 inches thin, the tablet manages to store the latest version of Honeycomb, the Android operating system for tablets.

The brain inside the tablet is a 1.2GHz processor, a rear-facing and front-facing camera and a 16GB of built in memory, expandable up to 32GB.

Buyers can even choose from either Wi-Fi models or carrier specific models for 3G connection wherever they go.

One of the main features that helps Samsung in the very competitive tablet market is the price on their seven-inch tablet computer.

Starting at $349.99, the tablet itself is cheaper than most android tablets and cheaper than Apple Inc.’s most affordable iPad model.

Already more than $100 cheaper than an iPad, the Galaxy Tab is more affordable. With hardware to back up its light price tag, it is an option to consider when shopping for a new tablet.

The price, combined with the specifics of the tablet, gives Samsung hope in keeping its foot in the tablet market, competing with Apple, Asus and several other manufacturers.

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