CBU men show off their “Stachey’s”

Some of the men at California Baptist University made their way to the Fortuna Fountain at 5:30 p.m. dressed to impress with their mustaches for the 2nd Annual “Stachey’s” competition.

A combination of about 100 male and female students signed and showed up to take part in this year’s event. One female participated in the competition; the rest just observed.

The Stachey’s is an event at CBU where male and female students dress up and gather to have a formal dinner. The main objective of this event, though, was for the men to show of their mustaches and possibly win an award.

As Mustache March, an anti-shave month, is coming to a close, the CBU males sharpened up their appearance to show their mustaches off.

The males dressed to represent the type of mustache they were doning and had a chance to win one of eight trophies.

The categories for these trophies were: “Classic,” “Handlebar,” “Horseshoe,” “Toothbrush,” “Disturbing,” “Creative,” “High Society,” and the big one, “Best in Show.”

“This is a great event for guys, they have a month to build up their mustaches. The girls get to dress up classy and watch the guys,” Katy Knutson, junior, said. “This event fits perfectly with it being Man Week.”

The jazz band played live music, as non-alcoholic cocktails and pre-appetizer snacks were available. Male students compared mustaches before they entered into Stamps Courtyard, where competitors dined, as the judging took place.

The national-traveling barbershop quartet, “Crush,” performed and provided the music, while the judges made their decisions on winners for each category.

Senior, Paulin Hakizimana won the trophy for “Classic.” The trophy for “Handlebar” went to freshman, Jordan Singer. Junior, Max Migdal won the trophy for “Horseshoe.” The trophy for “Toothbrush” went to sophomore, Cory Agopian. Senior, Cullan Maher won the trophy for “Disturbing.” The trophy for “Creative” went to senior, Neil Morgan. Senior, Andrew Buchholz, won the trophy for “High Society.”

The “Best in Show” trophy was taken by senior, Christian Cannon.

“It was an honor to be considered Best in Show by men I look up to,” Cannon said.

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