iPads impact local business

Sarah Jane O'Keefe -- Sales representatives no longer have to prepare demonstrations, the iPad does it all.A local in Riverside, Calif. keeps up to date with trends and technological advances by purchasing iPads in order to manage and create better demonstrations of their products.

Walter’s Mercedes-Benz dealership, located on Adams Street, recently made an order to purchase individual iPads for their sales staff. With such a portable device, sales representatives have been successful at creating better presentations for all those looking to buy a car.

“Mercedes-Benz implemented iPads in their business, because they carry a lot of apps in every single vehicle and it helps to let customers know how cars work,” Tony Hajj, sales representative, said.

No longer are sales representatives required to memorize a sales pitch; the iPad does it all.

Through the use of these specific apps designed for Mercedes-Benz car models, sales representatives are able to show customers how the car runs, the way it looks on the road and how the car color changes with a simple touch on the screen.

“We can explain features and benefits, angles of cars (all four sides), explaining all different options and packages,” Bob Rosas, sales representative, said.

Many of the benefits of using technology at work is that there is a high-definition image that customers can clearly see and the ability to view all 17 models at once without moving around from place to place. Also, sales representatives no longer have to worry about forgetting to say something or outlining a feature of the car because the app on the iPad takes care of this too.

“No matter what the customer is interested in, you can bring it up with a single touch,” Rosas said. “The images are worth a 1,000 words.”

As companies adjust to sales techniques and provide customers with different experiences through constant change, Mercedes-Benz is one among the first local Riverside businesses to adjust to technological changes to better serve their customers.

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