Student art pieces on display in Lancer Gallery

Amanda Johnson -- Students and guests attend opening night of the annual juried Student Art Show.The art community of California Baptist University celebrated the opening of the annual Student Juried Art Show on Wednesday, March 21.

Students of all major studies were invited to submit their artwork to the contest and have it displayed in the Lancer Gallery, located in Lancer Plaza.

Professor of Visual Arts, Duncan Simcoe, host of the occasion, announced the winners of the event and passed out awards recognizing the students who won in their individual categories.

Simcoe thanked CBU students for showcasing their artistic talent and encouraged them to continue their creative endeavors.

A variety of pieces, ranging from large impressionistic oil paintings to small ceramic coffee mugs decorated Lancer Gallery.

Family and friends came out to support the participants and to enjoy the original pieces.

Joel Munoz, marketing major, was excited to attend and support his friend, Tyler Mitchell, senior, who entered the contest.

Mitchell’s submission, entitled “Mother of the Son of God,” used mixed media to depict the Virgin Mary holding a triforce.

“I have always been good at art. I just like to mess around with it. I recently began messing around with oil and multi media. I don’t like to get tied down with one thing,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell draws influence from pieces from the Renaissance and Baroque periods, as well as classical artists.

Geoffrey Gouveia, visual arts major, explained that for him, painting is a vital form of self-expression.

“When an idea hits you, you have to paint it,” Gouveia said.

Gouveia described a series of pieces he has been working on that center on discovery. He said the series is “about moments when you realize different things.”

Part of the series is a work entitled, “Revelation of the Beast.”

“Revelation of the Beast,” a large acrylic piece on particle board, is about the moment when a person realizes that he or she is more beast-like than human.

Having an outlet for creativity in the form of a juried art show is common for many academic institutions.

“This is a common event for college programs, especially for four year institutions and universities,” Simcoe said. “What is enjoyable for us is that it is open to all majors. All kinds of people who are interested in drawing and painting can submit.”

Simcoe explained the importance of opening the event to all majors because it “expands our sense of creativity on campus.”

He said he enjoys meeting non-art majors through this event and encouraging them to consider further developing their artistic talents.

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