Supporting justice for the right reason

We are called to serve others, and in doing so, our actions should speak louder than our words. We cannot forget that we show love toward each other because God calls us to do all things for Him. We are called to let our works completely glorify God.

Christian values teach that we must actively pursue making this world a better place. There are many organizations that have been founded using this train of thought. Many people see a need to raise awareness that asks others to join in and support. One must consider: are you supporting a cause for the right reasons and in the right ways?

We live in an age of fast-paced social media. Anyone can or will post a video, picture or statement that represents a viewpoint of a current global matter. When you decide to post somthing, consider what the message means to you.

Though social media has made it easier for us to spread awareness, awareness is only as useful as the action given alongside it. In other words, we can feel sorry for starving kids in Africa, but feeling sad and posting a blurb about it only goes so far.

After posting about a weighty issue, you should examine your own commitment in helping enact change. Ask yourself if you would actually spend money to help those kids. It’s easy to post something, but what are you going to do with the information?

If you believe the cause is worth supporting, you should thoroughly research it. There’s no reason to take any idea at face value. Question it. Before you give money, find out where the funds go. Research the situation and find out if the cause revolves on a continually occurring event. Find out if there are other sources backing up the organization.

We live in a world that continues to tell us to advocate for them. Many of these organizations have respectful noble causes, but we still cannot afford to be naïve. We mustn’t be swayed completely by emotions of the moment. We need to ask what the big picture is and know what the long-term affects are. Is this going to be a worthwhile cause?

Finally, the last questions we should ask ourselves when regarding social justice is asking ourselves if we care or are just jumping on the bandwagon. We need to care about what we choose to support.

Social justice causes are worth the time investment and energy. We should encourage others to advocate. However, we need to truly believe and inform ourselves of what we’re supporting. We need to know why we choose to support a cause; otherwise, it’s meaningless.

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