Ready, Set, Bed?

A.J. Lacuesta -- Colony residents race to the finish in beds on wheels.

The Colony is looking to start new traditions on campus. They hosted a new community tradition; bed races.

According to Aubrey Linder, one of the Resident Advisors who planned the event, the bed races was another event to “bring something new” to the campus.

“Other schools like APU have these traditions, and we just wanted to build on the traditions here atCBU,” Linder said.

Each “bed race” consisted of two teams racing against each other on actual beds that were attached to a reinforced frame on wheels. Four students would push, while one student rides the bed.

On one end of the track, there is a challenge to perform. The first team that successfully speeds down, completes the challenge, and races back, wins the round.

Colony residents were treated to a Chick-fil-A breakfast sponsored by Associated Students of California Baptist University (ASCBU) and all participants were able to receive a prize.

Fifteen teams of five competed Saturday morning, while a crowd of around 150 to 200 cheered on their friends and neighbors.

The winning team comprised of juniors: Mark Langworthy, Daniel Garcia, Brittany Bateman and O’Neil Cowan and senior, Nadim Batshon calling themselves “The Southerners,” won an apartment cleaning by the International Service Project Team – Central Asia who are also doing apartment cleaning as a part of their fundraiser for the ISP program.

“The Bed Races was a fun event, especially for a Saturday morning event. The residents who went out were really into it and were really competitive,” Linder said.

The Colony, which is divided into a North living area and a South living area, have North versus South events, both of which have been won by South Colony.

“It was difficult to coordinate with so many offices. Public Safety had to block off a section of the parking lot. ASCBU sponsored the Chick-fil-A. We don’t often work with so many offices in the school,” Linder said.

However, the coordination between the different departments helped to make the event possible.

Colony Bed Races may be something that CBU students can look forward to again in the future. The RAs are always evaluating their events and give feedback to the Resident Director so that Residence Life can better serve the CBU students.

“Next year I hope to see more spirit and more teams,” Linder said.

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