Campus cats

You may have seen those furry little creatures roaming around campus, but little do you know the controversy that lies behind the cats on campus?

Over the years, many students at California Baptist University have noticed a number of felines making the campus their home. While some students welcome these cats with open arms and enjoy their company, others feel the strays are an annoyance and the university should take action to remove them.

Freshman Mikayla Lammons said, “I have seen them near the library and the Alumni Dining Commons. I feel CBU should take action to get rid of them. They are a bit of a nuisance and it is unsanitary to have them hanging around campus, especially when pets are not permitted on campus.”

According to, one of the main ways to detect the presence of feral cats is by their waste. Spraying and leaving scat are both territorial acts. Without owners to pick up after them, the remains are left around campus.

Also, the CBU handbook states, “Pets (dogs, cats, etc.), regardless as to whether the animal is on a leash, are not permitted on University property.”

For other students, their opposition to the stray cats comes from a simple dislike of the creature.

Senior Daniel Scott said, “I’m not a big fan of cats so I tend to want to kick them, but if we had some stray dogs I would be okay with those.”

However, there are some students who enjoy the company of these cats.

Freshman Christabel Acusa said, “I don’t really mind since I love animals!”

The cats also have a purpose on campus.

Patricia Collier, library access service manager, said, “We like that the cats keep the rodent population down, especially under the crawl spaces of the building.”

Also, Collier is doing her part to regulate the growth of the cat population.

“In the past I have helped get homes for the kittens that have been born on campus by befriending their mothers. We have relocated over 20 kittens to homes & had the females spayed via donations to reduce the population.”

Despite your stance on the issue of the cats on campus, these felines have created an undeniable presence in CBU culture.

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