Five ways to survive spring allergies

Jessica Bills -- Keep the sneezes at bay with these simple solutions.
Jessica Bills -- Keep the sneezes at bay with these simple solutions.

It is estimated that over 40 million people in the US suffer from seasonal allergies, but there are many easy solutions to cure the symptoms.

Here are 5 cheap and easy solutions suggested by, to make allergy season more bearable.

1. Take night showers – During allergy season it is better for you to take showers in the evening near the end of your day because pollen you encounter throughout the day sticks to clothing fibers as well as skin.

This is also a good idea because you can wash off all of those allergens so you don’t track them into your bed and be irritated in your sleep. If you live on campus, this solution does not cost you anything out of pocket except the shampoo and soap you’ve already brought with you.

2. No shoes in the bedroom – Much like clothing, allergens are tracked through your home on shoes. Think about all the places you’ve been walking throughout the day and imagine how many germs you’ve picked up along the way.

If possible, keep your shoes out of your bedroom so you don’t track the dust and pollen into where you sleep at night, which can irritate you when you try to rest.

Washing bed sheets and getting rid of the dust mites and germs that live on your linens are also an easy investment to make sleeping at night easier without allergens.

3. Eat antioxidants – Foods such as beans, berries, apples, and artichokes have plenty of vitamins that are due to high antioxidant levels. Antioxidants work at the cellular level to repel germs and infection with Vitamins E and A.

You can find many of these foods in the Alumni Dining Commons and other food options on campus. Other options for eating these vitamins are found in green tea, coffee, fruit juice, and also dark chocolate if you need an excuse to eat sweets!

4. Over the counter medications – This option can be rather expensive, but if these simple free solutions aren’t helping, putting out some money for these allergy relief solutions won’t break the bank.

Almost any store you go into will have these medications, but the places they will be cheapest at are Target, Wal-Mart, or CVS. Zertec will cost you about $18 for 30 pills and become effective about 2 hours after consumption.

Other options are 30 pills of Claritin for $17, or 32 Advil Cold and Sinus tablets for $10. Although these are rather expensive alternatives, they are very effective in conquering the sniffles and pain of spring allergies.

5. Allergist consulting – If you suffer from spring allergies, but are not sure which types of pollens irritate your sinuses directly, consulting with a professional allergist can help you avoid those certain triggers.

If you have insurance, a consultation will only cost between $20 and $35. The allergist will prick your forearm with various allergens and see which of them you show irritation to and be able to prescribe you medication that will fit your individual allergy needs. Since this option is not very cost effective, use this as a last resort if your allergies are not aided by any of the above foods or medications.

Spring allergies can be a pain, but with these tips for preventing them, there are also things you should know NOT to do when it comes to curing these pains.

Many people don’t know that certain medications contain antihistamines that can make you drowsy or become ineffective after a few months of use.

When shopping, try to choose a non-drowsy medicine that won’t cause you to be worn out all day. Also switch up your brand of allergy relief every so often in order for the pills to continue doing their job and your body won’t build up a tolerance to a certain kind.

Allergies can be irritating but these few cheap solutions may provide quick allergy relief during the spring when allergens are running rampant.

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