Life of a Resident Assistant

Nichelle Trulove -- Kyle Miller takes a break from his RA duties to talk about his leadership position.
Nichelle Trulove -- Kyle Miller takes a break from his RA duties to talk about his leadership position.

A leader, a mentor, a hall mate and friend – these are just a few words that California Baptist University residents use to describe the resident advisers.

Residents see their RAs daily and develop close relationships with them, ultimately creating a near family bond. Being a resident adviser is a full-time job that requires leadership, responsibility and commitment.

“My definition of an RA is an intentional friend and leader who helps to make the lives of his or her residents here on campus better and hopefully creates opportunities for their residents to be invested in school spiritually and socially,” Kyle Miller, senior, said.

RAs care for their residents, plan events and offer a helping hand at all times. They offer their time to listen to their residents and be available for their needs. RAs are the leaders behind Bible studies, game nights and hall dinners.

“I think being an RA means being a servant. When I serve my residents by listening or helping them out with something, I feel as if I am really loving them. I play a different role in each resident’s life. Some residents see me as a friend, some see me as tenant who only helps with toilet problems, and some see me as a mentor or an older sister. Whatever the role, I enjoy it,” Marissa Padilla, junior, said.

Although RAs give much of themselves to their job, they do receive compensations and incentives, which include free housing, payment stipend and a budget for events.

“I think Resident [Advisers] are the people on the front lines of campus ministry serving in the living area as they live life with their residents and invest in their spiritual growth as challenges and opportunities arise,” Garett Klingman, junior, said.

RAs take on many roles throughout the entire year – a spiritual leader, a shoulder to lean on or a role model a resident aspires to be like. RAs invest in the residents’ lives and are constantly available in times of crisis and joy. They offer guidance and are continuously pouring into their residents and helping them in their walk with God and life journeys.

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