Micah Sherman chosen as first ‘Mr. Lancer’

What does it take to become Mr. Lancer at California Baptist University? Charisma, talent and confidence, of course!

On April 2, CBU showcased the first annual Mr. Lancer pageant where 250 people attended the event in the Van Dyne Gym. Presale tickets were sold for $3 while tickets at the door sold for $5. The Student Athletic Advisory Committee hosted the event as one of the many ways they have helped raise money for the Make a Wish Foundation.

Olivia Miller, junior and SAAC member, said, “All of the proceeds that we’ve made through fundraising are going to the foundation with a goal of reaching $2,000.”

From each male sports team, athletes were asked to nominate two male candidates for the event. 17 male athletes competed for the Mr. Lancer title. Other titles were also given out, like Almost Mr. Lancer, People’s Choice and Mr. Congeniality.

The event’s hosts were twins Josh and Jeremy Atkinson. The show also included three judges in charge of voting for three of the four titles. Judges included Amy Stumpf, associate professor of society and religion, Cheer Coach Tami Fleming and Office of Financial Aid counselor Mollie Bohrer.

Each member participated in formal wear, opening number, sportswear, a performance of their talent and a Q&A round.

When it came time for the men’s talent performance, each brought something new to the competition, including vocal performances, ribbon routines, comedy skits, poems, raps and even a performance called “Circus CBU Strong Men,” an acrobatic routine.

As the crowd of students applauded with excitement and cheered for those they enjoyed most, voting began. Voting was set up two ways. While the panel of judges chose Mr. Lancer, Almost Mr. Lancer, and Mr. Congeniality, CBU students voted for People’s Choice by a text pole.

After each male performed his talent, he was assigned a phone number in which voters could cast their vote. Once the lines were closed, the Top 10 nominees went into the Q&A round.

Questions came in a wide variety of amusing answers, all of which gave the crowd and judges their winning choices.

When it came down to the final voting round, Josh and Jeremy brought up all 10 contestants to announce the winners. As the athletes lined up to hearing the results, only one gentleman stood out the most throughout the entire pageant with the most enthusiastic fans.

That was none other than junior Micah Sherman. Sherman was crowned the First Annual Mr. Lancer for his originality, personality and humorous charm throughout his performance.

The Almost Mr. Lancer title was given to sophomore Jonathan Fausto, and People’s Choice was given to sophomore Ryan Cathers. While Mr. Congeniality winner Michael Salazar was not a contender but instead friends of contestant Odirile “DeDe” Mangoegape, judges felt as though he brought much to the competition and deserved the win.

Later, Fausto was asked what his overall favorite part of the event was.

“My favorite part of the event was the overall dance we all participated in. We spent a few days a week practicing for the dance and I think it’s hilarious that 17 male athletes who have very little to no experience at dancing did a full three minute dance along with some stunts. It was a good way to get to know the guys from other sports and have fun laughing and hanging out,” Fausto said.

Sherman was asked how it feels to be the First Annual Mr. Lancer.

“I am extremely honored to be known as the very first Mr. Lancer,” Sherman said. “I hope that Mr. Lancer becomes a tradition that occurs every year. I had so much fun being a part of the pageant and cannot wait to crown the next Mr. Lancer.”

“I would also like to give a shout out to Kim Latschaw who put so much time and effort into putting together the pageant. She did a terrific job,” Sherman said.

Bailee Sawyer,senior and President of SAAC, commented, “It was tough to adjust for the first year of fundraising, but SAAC really came together to be active and motivate their fellow teammates and classmates around them. We couldn’t have completed our goals without the leaders we have on the committee.”

As SAAC continues fundraising till the end of the semester they have already reached $1,900.

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