Starbuck’s new caffeine source

Bryan Jarboe -- Affordable, healthy energy drinks can now be found in most grocery stores.

Starbucks Coffee, a staple food group for college students, has released a new product expected to have caffeine lovers hooked. However, California Baptist University students have given mixed reviews.

Due to their extremely high sugar and caffeine contents, most Americans have been warned to stay far away from energy drinks. If energy drinks are already looked at as harmful drinks, why would Starbucks make it a new product?

When asked whether she would be in favor of supporting Starbucks’ new energy drink, Caitlyn Jones, freshman, said, “I don’t like how energy drinks make me feel.”

Other students were less opposed to the idea of consuming an energy drink.

“It depends on how much it would cost. If it comes in bulk I would definitely look into purchasing it,” Aubrey Sipe, senior, said.

On the other hand, though energy drinks do not have the best reputation, they do provide a burst of energy for an all-night study session or a sleep-deprived student looking to stay awake during class.

With flavors ranging from Raspberry Pomegranate to Strawberry Lemonade, Starbucks’ energy drinks supply fruity refreshments.

These drinks have set themselves apart from opposing brands like Red Bull by emphasizing the natural components of the product. Made with unroasted green coffee extract for an energy and antioxidants boost, Starbucks Refreshers are not designed to be unhealthy or cause bodily harm.

An affordable product for college students, Refreshers will sell at $1.99 for a 12-ounce can with only 60 calories. By late April, Starbucks Refreshers will be sold in 160,000 grocery stores across the country.

With a rising interest in energy drinks among the younger generation, Starbucks is expected to achieve great success with this newfound product.

Nutritionists who are against consumption of energy drinks have their concerns regarding the sugars and calorie counts; however, this low-calorie, natural product has not raised concerns.

Although initial reactions may vary, Starbucks has reversed this reputation with their newest Refreshers product.

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