Students experience life without shoes

Some students spent Tuesday, April 10, walking around campus without shoes in honor of One Day Without Shoes.

One Day Without Shoes is a day that encourages people to go without shoes to promote awareness of the importance of a pair of shoes on a child’s life.

While going barefoot, one expects to hear questions like: “Why aren’t you wearing any shoes?“ or “Did you forget your shoes today?”

Shoes are necessary to everyday life. They protect us from disease, injury and infection; and because of this some children are unable to attend school without proper footwear.

“I saw someone skateboarding without any shoes on, but it made me think what children go through on an everyday basis in foreign countries and probably haven’t owned one pair of shoes, yet we Americans want the latest new pair of shoes when we already have hundreds,” Leandra Henderson, freshman, said.

One Day Without Shoes is put on by TOMS. TOMS is an organization that practices one-for-one, meaning when a pair of shoes is purchased, TOMS gives a pair of shoes to a child who does not have any.

Students walking around campus without shoes was acceptable; however, students were not allowed in the Alumni Dining Commons, Brisco’s Cafe or Wanda’s without them.

“Well, the only reason any of the facilities would have a problem with someone coming in barefoot, is it is a safety issue. It is against health code regulation,” Nora Garcia, Brisco’s Manager, said.

The hazards of living without shoes goes beyond basic hygiene, shoes protect against diseases and soil-transmitted infections.

According to, “30,000 people live in one landfill in the Philippines. On landfills, bare feet are exposed to broken glass, syringes and debris. 1,980,000 Kenyan children are infected by jiggers. Jiggers are burrowing fleas that cause painful lesions. 4,000,000 people have podoconiosis. Podoconiosis is a debilitating and disfiguring soil-based foot disease.”

These are just some of the harmful effects of not wearing shoes.

However, there are programs that help fight against the problem of living without shoes.

TOMS along with National Relief Charities are just two of the many organization helping out. National Relief Charities is an organization that distributes TOMS to children across the United States.

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