Tips for travel tranquility

Haley Helfer -- There’s nothing like tossing a map in your bag and hitting the road.
Haley Helfer -- There’s nothing like tossing a map in your bag and hitting the road.

Preparing for a trip is often overwhelming and can become quite stressful. Worry can be avoided by following these easy steps to help prepare for a successful trip.

It is important to make sure that all legal documentation is current. Documents like passports or a other forms of identification should be easily accessed. Passports are not needed if traveling within the Untied States, however, it is important to apply ahead of time if you are planning to travel abroad. Make sure to leave copies of your itinerary and important flight information for friends or family in case of emergencies.

Luggage should have tags or a way to be identified to make luggage pickup easier. Airports provide you with tags but it is important to consider placing something easily identifiable your luggage so that it will not be mistaken for another one. This could be a colorful luggage tag, a ribbon on the handle or a luggage strap.

Travel size items that weigh under 3 oz. are allowed on planes in carry on items, but these items cannot be any bigger. The containers in which these items are stored must be transparent.

If there are indeed any layovers make sure to become aware that there can be different areas to board the plane and buses that will take you from place to place. Pay attention to all of the announcements and become familiar with your flight number.

Be aware of the time differences as well as climate changes. Consider looking for websites that tell you the weather in different locations.

Avoid taking with your documents like social security and any valuables that can be lost or stolen during the trip. If you consider something very valuable or expensive, it is best that it be left at home.

Make sure to obtain proper vaccinations for preventable diseases that can be found on trips abroad. Make an effort to have health insurance

Check coverage areas for your phone plan. Write down numbers on an address book or memorize them in case of emergencies or a dead phone battery. Do not forget your phone charger and a watch just in case there is no access to an outlet.

Planning a trip takes time so it is important to plan ahead and have everything prepared. Most airlines require that you arrive a couple hours earlier, make sure that you have all this information down and you will have a great trip.

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