What has changed since the class of 2012 first arrived?

Chris Hardy -- Kelly Leonard enjoys a lunch at Brisco’s, one of the major additions to campus since Leonard’s freshman year.
Chris Hardy -- Kelly Leonard enjoys a lunch at Brisco’s, one of the major additions to campus since Leonard’s freshman year.

With graduation swiftly approaching, it is time for the class of 2012 to soak up their last California Baptist University memories and get ready for the next chapter of their young adult lives.

In college, the lives of students are constantly changing speeds – from slow to an intense accelerated momentum quickly. It can be overwhelming, but all they can do is focus. They can count on college to mold them into the people they were meant to be.

However, the students within a university are not always the ones who change. Sometimes, it’s the university itself.

Senior Kelly Leonard remembers her first impression of CBU perfectly.

“I stayed here overnight when I was a sophomore in high school. Everyone was so nice to me, and I loved how the campus was such a tight knit community. I remember saying to myself that there was no other place that I wanted to be,” Leonard said.

Since Leonard first stepped on campus in 2008, the campus has changed in many ways.

“There are way more people, and events have gotten so much bigger and more fun. There’s also many different ways to get involved with the campus. CBU is great at meeting people where they are in the present” Leonard said.

“It’s also crazy to me that we have two different chapel days, but its great to think that its just that much more people coming together in worship glorifying God’s name,” Leonard said.

Worship and population growth are also ways in which senior Alysha Martin has seen CBU change since her freshman year.

“Over my years here at CBU they have continued to advance on making students aware of the Great Commission, and teaching them to love the nations,” Martin said.

With programs like International Service Projects and United States Service Projects and access to ministry opportunities provided by the Office of Spiritual Life, CBU continues to show its commitment to fulfilling the Great Commission.

Martin is participating in ISP for a second time. Last year, she received the opportunity to travel to Southeast Asia. In Southeast Asia, her team conducted basketball clinics and played in tournaments. This summer, she will be returning to Southeast Asia as a student leader.

“My favorite memories of CBU are being able to serve in ISP. It literally rocked my world and changed my life perspective on everything, and I never would have experienced that without going to school here” Martin said.

After purchasing the Colony living area last year, CBU continues to grow.

“What’s so cool about CBU is that as much as it has grown and consistently changing it has managed to keep its’ Christ centered identity,” Martin said.

Although CBU continues to grow in quantity, it hasn’t forsaken its quality. The face of CBU is going to continue to change and improve, but the university’s heart will remain the same – a campus built on worship and community that finds its identity in Christ alone.

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