China beats Rwanda to clench 4th Annual Lancer Cup

Alligator, kangaroo, rattlesnake and soccer took over the front lawn at California Baptist University the evening of Tuesday, April 24.

Before the 4th annual Lancer Cup intramural championship began, students were treated to meals from around the world; including Bratwurst made of various wildlife.

“It’s really good,” freshman Derek Wedel said while chewing on a Kangaroo Bratwurst from the Brats Berlin food truck. “It’s got a ton of spices and flavors.”

While eating foods from countries like Argentina, Brazil and Korea, students enjoyed entertainment from Taiko Project, Japanese drummers, which have made appearances at the Oscars and Grammies.

Students experienced international cultures including music from around the world and informational booths manned by international students there to talk about their home countries.

“It was a great opportunity for students to know more about the cultures of students who go here,” Brian Davis, director of international students said. “That’s kind of how the idea came about. We think it’s a great opportunity to embrace the Great Commission, as far as nations, since it’s so central to who we are as a school.”

The food and entertainment were complimented by an exciting match between teams Rwanda and China.

Cowbells rang from Rwandan fans, and tambourines sounded for team China, as both intramural teams played in the final intramural game of the school year.

Rwanda took an early lead over China with a goal from junior Eugene Munyanziza and held China scoreless till late in the second half.

However, China tied it up with a clutch header off the corner kick from senior Andrew Linder, sending the game into overtime.

In a sudden death overtime, China took no breaks as they caught Rwanda off-guard and put the 2-1 game winner in the back of the net off the foot of senior, Andrew Buchholz.

“I couldn’t even see it. [The ball] happened to come in to my left foot. I didn’t know where it went. I just heard people screaming and jumping on me,” Buchholz said.

Linder received the Most Valuable Player award for great work done on defense and for coming in with a crucial score to take the game into overtime.

“It feels so great. I was really proud of my team,” Linder said. “We played really well throughout the whole game.”

With a big student turnout, junior Nicole Saar was thrilled with the success of the event that she had been planning since the beginning of the year.

“It was the result of a lot of hard work from our bosses and the staff,” Saar said. “It was lot of fun. I was just so excited to see to see the Rwandans have so much fun and get the international students involved.”

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