Home cooked meals provide options

Jessica Bills — many reasons including budgets and dietary needs have sparked increased production and consumption of home-cooked meals.

Jessica Bills — many reasons including budgets and dietary needs have sparked increased production and consumption of home-cooked meals.

Why would you eat out if you could cook your own food in the comfort of your own home?

Cooking at home can be fun

Sometimes people avoid cooking at home because they feel that it takes longer, and they just do not have fun with it. However, driving to get something to eat, sitting down or waiting in line at the drive thru, waiting to receive food and driving back home can take just as long, if not longer than cooking at home.

“I have always liked cooking and baking. My favorite channel is the Food Network, so I am always looking for new recipes to make,” said Evelyn Perea, junior psychology major. “Baking and cooking are really fun.”

Pinterest has become a popular treasure among women, as the photos allow the idea of cooking and baking at home to become more enticing.

“Before Pinterest, I never really cooked. Cookbooks are too boring,” said Cortnie Cumpton, sophomore communications disorders major. “Now that I can see pictures and read through other peoples’ comments with tips, it is easier to get into it.”

Eating out does have plenty of perks: you do not have to prepare the meal yourself, delivery is fast and the clean up is easy. But these perks also come at a cost.

What am I eating?

By eating out, patrons are unaware of how their food is cooked, as well as what kind of oils, butter or animal fats are being used. These may make the food taste delicious, but it also can make it unhealthy.

However, by eating at home people have the comfort of knowing what is going into their food, controlling the amount of oils and salts used and knowing exactly how it is prepared. This also allows for meals to be more balanced as portions can be controlled.

Portion control

Another problem of eating out is portion control. Many people today are unaware that they are over-eating as they are uneducated in healthy eating habits. Constantly eating out does not aid in helping one learn either, as restaurant portions can sometimes feed three people with one entrée.

According to a study done by the National Resources Defense Council, cooking portions have increased over time and large portions can lead to uneaten leftovers. In fact, the surface area of the average dinner plate expanded by 36 percent between 1960 and 2007.

By cooking and eating at home people have control over what is set in front of them. Larger portions can be decreased and leftovers can be used for additional meals.


Although eating out may appear cheaper than cooking a meal at home, the expenses of eating out can add up over time.

According to an article on savingadvice.com, by the time a person pays for overpriced drinks and then tip, he or she spends three, four or more times what the same meal would have cost at home. Even fast food is no bargain.”

Although it may appear that eating fast food is cheaper, cooking at home allows for excess food to be carried over multiple meals rather than just one.