Top five fall runway-ready beauty secrets

Katrina Samuelson – Stand-out trend of the season, the graphic-shaped cat eye can be created with additions to the classic winged-out liner.

As seasons and fashion both change, so does makeup. What many may not know is makeup trends are based off fashion. Many are born in design houses as the process of fashion designs are being perfected to be presented at a fashion week event. So, as styles from summer to fall change, so should makeup.

This season, makeup is taking traditional looks and pumping them up with more energy and creativity.

Black Cherry Lipstick:
Instead of the traditional red lip, this trend takes that color and goes toward a deeper, modern, romantic shade. Think of a favorite red lipstick, add in a deeper purple shade, and this is what it looks like. This new lip trend was seen all over runway shows like Gucci and Givenchy.

Brown smokey eyes:
Almost every girl knows about the infamous “Smokey Eye.” It is one of the most requested makeup looks from designers and makeup artists on a photo shoot to everyday women. There is something mysterious and feminine about the smokey eye, which is most always in a black to deep grey color. However, this season, thanks to the makeup showcased by Burberry’s fall/winter collection, the smokey eye is going brown. Shades such as warm reddish browns and cool sable colored browns are taking
over. This season, brown is the new black.

Graphic-shaped cat eyes:
This is a fun twist on the classic cat eye. This look is described as futuristic, edgy and rocker chic. Essentially, the cat eye technique of winging out the liner is still there – it is just made thicker on top and connected either from the bottom or all the way around the eye.

Bigger bolder brows:
Fuller brows have been trending for the past five years or so, but this fall they are getting even bolder. Think more structure and deeper colors. The trend is to make brows more exaggerated but still appear natural. Think of Brooke Shields brows amped for a visual. Color is also being exaggerated as well. Go one or two shades darker than hair color to get this look.

Cobalt Blue eye shadow:
There is always one color every season that people clamor to get.
For fashion, this color seems to be burgundy or maroon, but for eyes it is cobalt blue. This deep shade is a little more polished than a light blue many categorize as ‘80s. This popular color is so deep and vibrant, it almost looks black. This color glows on the skin and compliments all skin tones. Wear it as a liner or as a shadow all over the eyelid. Either way, a woman’s eyes will glow.

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