Tablescapes for under $20

Photo by Jessica Bills
In less than ten steps, create a Thanksgiving tablescape with items from around the house and vegetable aisle this fall.

Fall Harvest is here and with the hustle and bustle of the holiday season fast approaching, decorating a Thanksgiving tablescape may not necessarily be at the top of the priority list.

Here are seven ways to decorate a Thanksgiving tablescape that will capture the warm colors of autumn and the rustic tones of the freshly fallen leaves:

1. Bargaining is Better
Coupons, coupons, coupons. When it comes to tackling any do-it-yourself projects, subscribing to coupons should be a top priority for decorating.
Michael’s Arts & Crafts store is a great place to begin — they come out with weekly coupons for both sale and regularly priced items.
A burlap table runner for 25 percent off and a grapevine can give the table texture. Both of these serve as the foundation of the tablescape, and with the coupons they cost only $7.

2. When in doubt, plan it out
Time does save money — when already running daily or weekly errands, do not forget to scope out any regularly priced items at places such as Michael’s.
Plan trips to the store to spread out coupon usage to ensure maximum discounts on purchases.

3. Sustainable is attainable
Many have been raised with the notion that one’s trash is another’s treasure. Dig among clutter and treasures can be found.
For the tablescape, find mason jars as candleholders to provide a little height to the table.
For an average sized table, three jars are adequate.

4. Aromas create memories
When creating on a budget, it is sometimes difficult to find a delicious smelling candle at a reasonable price.
Placing coffee beans, which may already be at home, in mason jars with dollar tea lights as candles gives off a mouthwatering aroma no money can buy.

5. Color-compliment is a word to remember
Autumn is swirling with warm colors, but do not forget how nicely rustic tones pair with brighter colors such as oranges, yellows and whites.
Trader Joe’s sells lovely pumpkins for $2.99 and mini pumpkins and squash for 69 cents. For this table, one large pumpkin and three miniatures of your choice will do.

6. Perfection is found in imperfection
When decorating the table, a ruffled runner is a perfect runner.
The foundation of the table does not need to be neatly placed; it can resemble the haphazard placement of the freshly fallen autumn leaves.

7. Odd is in, even is out
Candle placement and squash and pumpkin placement should always be done in odd numbers — in settings of five or three.
There is no wrong way of doing this, but when it comes to decorating and creating, asymmetrical is definitely the way to go.

Get going, and get creative and breathe in the warmth and vibrancy of fall harvest.

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