Exercise for class, fulfill requirements

Photo by Jacob Armstrong
Matthew Hanlin takes advantage of his one-unit kinesiology course. Students in classes such as weight training have fun exercising while learning.

Of the 124 units every student must take prior to graduating, four of those units include various sciences such as biology, chemistry or physics. To help fulfill this requirement, many students look to one-unit kinesiology courses for a unique form of education.

Outdoor Adventure
Notorious for being difficult to get into thanks to its popularity with students, this course’s InsideCBU description reads, “Instruction in the design, implementation and leadership of adventure activities and programs.”

Katie Kopitzke, senior music education major, was able to take the course for the fall 2012 semester.

“I really challenged myself that day and saw that I could be bold and strong,” Kopitzke said. “It didn’t even feel like a class, and it was very rewarding in the end.”

The class meets for one day during the semester from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and requires an additional $30 fee.

“The morning started out relaxing, and we learned a lot about trust and team building,” Kopitzke said.

“Through the team exercises and during the rest of the more challenging activities, my group really bonded, and it was fun to have the support of my teammates as I was tightroping 50 feet in the air.”

For students interested in a course providing a consistent workout through the week, swimming may be a wise fit. According to InsideCBU, this course in intended to teach water safety as well as beginning to intermediate swimming strokes.

“I know that my classmates, as do I, have a wonderful time in the class because it is a fun workout,” said Adam Shirer, junior Christian studies major.

CBU’s Aquatics Director Jack Engelschall teaches the course. As a former competitive swimmer, Shirer says he appreciates that Engelschall allows students who already know how to do a stoke work out instead.

“I like swim workouts, so this makes me happy,” Shirer said.

Weight Training
CBU’s weight training course is designed to introduce students to the basics of strength training, including its principles and techniques. The course also teaches students about nutritional topics related to fitness.

Kelsey Perrault, sophomore kinesiology major, has taken several of the kinesiology exercise courses but has found she enjoyed weight training the best.

“It’s mainly because of the professor, Dr. (David) Pearson,” Perrault said. “He is energetic, teaches very well and is very clear when he talks. It’s easy to understand what technique is correct or incorrect so you get a lot out of it.”

CBU offers a wide variety of courses to help students of all fitness levels, exercise experience and sports interest to meet the academic requirement. Some meet off campus, providing students an opportunity to take their learning experience to a new environment. Bowling, Rock Climbing, and Self Defense I are some of the off-campus courses available.

Another course offered is First Aid, where students spend a day gaining their certification. Much like Outdoor Adventure, this class only requires meeting one Saturday of the semester and has an extra fee of $50.

Thanks to the many courses available, fulfilling these four general education units can be a unique experience that teaches students various ways of healthy living and provides insight to new skill sets and interests.

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