Music hotspots brought to college students at nearby locations

Now that midterms are over and finals are still a few weeks away, students are able to relax and enjoy their time with live music at local venues in Riverside.

With a variety of places throughout Riverside, students interested in live music performances can find a place that caters to their own personal preferences, ranging from downtown coffee shops to local eateries.

Matthew Suarez, senior marketing major, finds time to enjoy live music around Riverside.

“Listening to live music is more real that a CD or album. You cannot only see the artist but relate to them,” Suarez said. “It is more of an intimate feel.”

Suarez said he is a huge fan of local churches that play live music, such as The Grove. Every fourth Sunday, a new artist plays.
Another spot Suarez enjoys is the coffee shop Back to the Grind.

“I love when there is more stuff there besides music like at Back to the Grind,” Suarez said of the shop. “They have great art, a great vibe and an awesome ambiance. They have open mic nights, featured artists and a wide range of things to see and do.”

Christopher Coburn, guitarist for local band Dan-O and the Crooked Crows, plays live music all around Riverside. He said he likes to perform at Romano’s Restaurant in Canyon Crest.

“Romano’s is not only a great restaurant but a great place to play music,” Coburn said. “It is extremely relaxed, they have great music and everyone is there to have a great time.”

Romano’s offers open mic nights every Wednesday and band nights every Friday and Saturday night.

“One of the best parts of going somewhere for live music in a small setting like this is that when the band is amped and excited, the audience feeds off it and everyone has a great time,” Coburn said.

Suarez also spoke highly of the Daily Brew, a local coffee shop hangout for CBU students that is just minutes away from campus.
“It is very intimate and relaxed,” Suarez said. “You usually always see someone from CBU whenever you go.”

For those who are more into jazz and enjoy cover songs, a great place to go is the Crescent Jewel in downtown Riverside.

The Fox Performing Arts Center off Mission Inn Avenue also offers a variety of live music and shows for those interested in music
from previous generations. Students looking for more of an upbeat and exciting live music scene, Duke’s Bar & Grille off Iowa
Street is an option. “Duke’s has an intimate setting, the artists playing are close to you and you get a great experience there,” Coburn said.

From coffee houses to restaurants, Riverside hosts a variety of places that offer students an escape from studies and stress at an affordable cost with live entertainment.

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