Teas for tasting and sipping

Aside from the numerous health benefits associated with drinking tea, students drink tea to escape stress and to set the mood for the day.

“You can’t really go wrong with tea,” said Asiele J. David, sophomore nursing major.

“Tea is tea…It’s what you add to it, milk, cream, honey, sugar and peppermint (that) makes it different.”

There are many different ways to drink tea. David said the way she drinks her tea depends on her mood. David normally buys brands sold at Trader Joes or Whole Foods Market, such as Tazo or Twinings of London.

Kevin J. Cotton, junior mathematics major, said his choices are influenced by his options. The main brand he drinks is Tazo because of its availability and variety. Cotton said he is glad that the Alumni Dining Commons provides Tazo tea.

In deciding what flavor tea to drink, Cotton said he looks for the effect the tea has on him. For example, Cotton drinks Tazo Calm when he wants to feel relaxed.

Other favorites for Cotton are green tea and organic chai tea. David also drinks an assortment of teas for different circumstances.

She said she drinks jasmine tea at night when eating with her family, green tea when on the go and chai tea when she wants to relax or spice up her day.

“Tea is soothing,” David said. “Tea is the way to go.”

David said she also drinks tea when she is stressed out, has a cold or wants something to drink other than water or soda.

Filled with many antioxidants and vital nutrients, tea is a healthy drink option for students and others on campus.

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