Modern Christianity lacks biblical direction

In an ever-evolving society, children are growing up to be the way their surrounding environment demands. No longer is there a sense of following traditional customs that once dictated what was thought to be right β€” we are socially evolving from traditional Christians to urban Christians.

Urban Christians tend to follow their surroundings and allow others to develop habits that end up becoming what they believe to be right. If society starts a movement, they are quick to follow, adapting to what seems to be right, and not focusing on what scripture says. They take what is said in the Bible and add a twist to it, not accepting it into their lives word-for-word, but contextually creating what they think ought to be correct.

Instead of shifting from what our customs have taught us, we should embrace the Word of God with much more strength, following what the Bible says; not changing it up just so that the newest generation can be comfortable and remain with the church. Instead of solely satisfying the wants of people, we should satisfy the needs of God and stop making adjustments just to increase the size of our nearest church.

Although I acknowledge that it is important to adapt to the new means of delivering and communicating a message, that message should not be changed. Instead, it should be clearly explained and thoroughly looked over so that we can better understand it and follow what God has called us to do.

Urban Christianity is led by society, whereas traditional Christianity is led by scripture and customs that have been passed down from older generations. It is all determined based on the decisions we make and whether we choose to follow God or others that are not going down what we think is the right path.

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