Business career tips

Professor Aaron Christopher, assistant dean of Graduate Business Programs at California Baptist University, urges students to begin planning and preparing as soon as possible for the business world.

“Students should begin networking with professionals in their field now,” Christopher said. “Students should go to industry conferences and meetings to meet people who do what they want to do, and talk with them. Potential employers want to see the leadership of on-campus clubs and organizations. It is better to be deeply involved in a few activities rather than to be a member of everything.”

As far as utilizing internships for experience, the Career Services Center offers many different resources that assist in preparation for the process. These include the preparation of resumes and interview workshops.

In addition, Christopher recommends students to pursue their Master of Business Administration straight out of their undergraduate studies.

“I have never met someone who wishes they had waited to get their MBA,” Christopher said. “People often get married, have children and have increased responsibilities, which only makes it more hectic to earn their MBA. As life changes, it’s more difficult to get back to school.”

He stresses that upon leaving CBU, students can expect a difficult job market. The economy is continuing to recover, and while there are jobs out there, students are finding it more difficult to land a job. Therefore, a viable alternative to entering the work force immediately is pursuing a MBA, to become more marketable in the workplace.

It is important to note that the extra skill sets in a specialized degree in business administration are most beneficial as they allow students to immediately add value to their employer.

“The reason for this is because someone who earns a marketing degree is eligible for marketing jobs, but can also be a general business manager as well. I would encourage students to major in what they are passionate about,” Christopher said.

Christopher said that regardless of the major, if an individual is the top performer in their respective field, then the job and earnings will take care of themselves.

“Don’t major in a degree because you think it will make a lot of money or get you a job,” he said. “Major in something because you have a passion for it and it’s what God is leading you to do.”

Christopher said that business degrees are always in demand, particularly in the field of accounting.

If students are seeking guidance, faculty members are a resource. Most of them have worked in the fields they teach, so students will be able to build their own professional network as far as meeting people who work in the field they hope to pursue.

If students are interested in getting more experience in business there will be a speaker coming to CBU on March 18.

Project Pro Search Chief Executive Officer, Kenneth A. Tudhope, who is the author of The Key: A Networking Guide, will speak in the Copenbarger Presidential Dining Room at 6 p.m. Tudhope has built a multimillion-dollar business through networking, and the event will focus on how networking can launch one’s career.

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