Must-try local taco spots

Photo by Sara Jane O’Keefe"Mario Cabral, manager and future owner of award-winning taco shop Olivias smiles on in his service."
Photo by Sara Jane O’Keefe
“Mario Cabral, manager and future owner of award-winning taco shop Olivias smiles on in his service.”

Tortillas, beef, beans, guacamole and cilantro: all ingredients to the classic taco. However, finding the best taco spot can be tough in Riverside. Five local spots that can fill the appetite for those who want a great taco near campus:

The first, at No. 5, is Alberto’s Mexican Food, located at 9111 Magnolia Ave.

Alex Para, a junior general engineering major, dined at Alberto’s and was not satisfied by their tacos.
“The meat lacks some flavor. I feel that the meat is greasy and gives me heartburn. That is why I do not go as often. However, they have great burritos,” Para said.

Coming in at No. 4 is Rubio’s Mexican Restaurant at 201 University Ave. #102.

“I like to get tacos from Rubio’s. They have awesome shrimp gourmet tacos. They have a lot of flavor with bacon bits, sliced avocado and the option to squeeze lime juice ,” said Natalie Richardson, a junior English major.

Miguel’s, Jr., a fast food version of their sit-down resturant located at the Galleria Tyler Mall ranks No. 3.

“Miguel’s tacos are fantastic and cheap too. My favorite place to eat,” said Melissa Bass, senior psychology major.

The hunt continues at No. 2. El Torito Mexican Restaurant located at 3639 Riverside Plaza Drive.

Jasmine Rawani, junior liberal studies and Spanish double major, said, “El Torito is one of my favorite places to get tacos. It does not matter if they are chicken or steak, their tacos taste great. Definitely a place to visit.”

Finally, the Riverside Press Enterprise-nominated best hole-in-the-wall restaurant is Olivia’s Mexican Restaurant, located at 9447 Magnolia Ave.

Ethan Park, senior theater major, said, “(It’s) the best hole-in-the-wall taco place in Riverside. It is still a mom-and-pop shop that makes everything fresh.”

Whether exploding with flavor or at a low price, anyone of these taco spots can satisfy a taco lover’s craving.

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