Grammy nominees cause mixed reviews for students

From the celebrity performances and outrageous outfits to unexpected winners, the Grammy Awards attract a younger audience of viewers and capture the attention of music fans of all genres.

Genres ranging from country, hip-hop, rhythm & blues, rap, rock and pop will all be represented by the 2013 Grammy nominees. The 55th annual Grammy Awards will be aired Feb. 10 on CBS.

Jay-Z, Frank Ocean, Mumford & Sons and Kanye West are among the top nominees, each up for a total of six Grammy awards. Miguel and The Black Keys have each received five nominations.

Though the male nomin-ees are high in numbers, they are not outshining female artists, such as Taylor Swift, Carly Rae Jepsen and Kelly Clarkson, who are all in the running for winning a Grammy in 2013.

E! News shared their predictions as to who the 2013 Grammy winners will be. The publication believes Best New Artist will go to Hunter Hayes; Record of the Year will be “Somebody that I Used to Know” by Gotye and featuring Kimbra; and Album of the Year will be Mumford & Sons’ “Babel.”

Students of California Baptist University expressed mixed reviews in regards to the selection of nominees at this year’s Grammy Awards.

Ashley Pitts, freshman and member of the New Song choir, said she believes that Fun will win the Grammy for Best New Artist.

“Fun came out with some pretty nice songs that became instant hits,” Pitts said. “Their newfound popularity is guaranteed to earn them a Grammy Award this year.”

Some CBU students expressed opinions contra-dictory to who E! News predicts will win the 2013 Grammy Awards.

In regards to who will win Record of the Year, Samantha Lee, sophomore, said she believes Taylor Swift’s “Never Getting Back Together” will take the Grammy Award for her single.

“Taylor Swift’s style of music appeals to both the country and pop genre so she has more of an outreach to various audiences,” Lee said. “She has also already been recognized by Grammy voters as a respectable artist.”

Whether a music student or just a fan, the Grammy Awards is an event geared toward younger audiences and represents a wide range of genres. One does not need to be a musical expert to have an opinion as to who he or she wants to take home a 2013 Grammy Award. Tune in Feb. 10.

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