New year, new you: Unique resolutions that break tradition

Photo by Fletcher Perkins"Alexander Hamilton and Casey Hall show off their New Year’s resolution list as they sit near the campus lawn and the class ring. As a couple they decided to work together to achieve resolutions."
Photo by Fletcher Perkins
“Alexander Hamilton and Casey Hall show off their New Year’s resolution list as they sit near the campus lawn and the class ring. As a couple they decided to work together to achieve resolutions.”

Losing weight, eating right, getting straight A’s and facing your fears — a few typical New Year’s resolutions that many vow to resolve each year.

But what about unique New Year’s resolutions? Be it unbelievably crazy or impossible, some students strive for bigger and more creative resolutions.

These goals are meant to not only better themselves, but to take on the challenge of actually accomplishing a set of goals.

Brent DeBord, sophomore health science major, resolved to gain a closer and better understanding of the Word of God by disciplining himself to learn and memorize all three books of John in the Bible. He was inspired a couple of years ago during a visit to California Baptist University. A chapel speaker shared his testimony and mentioned that he had fully memorized the book of Philippians.

This motivated DeBord to take on the challenge. As he sat down during the New Year with his close friend, the two agreed to go through this resolution together by keeping each other accountable.

“Most people just read the Bible and leave it at that,” DeBord said. “I want to go deeper into it and know what I’m talking about in hopes to gain more knowledge and critical thinking of the Scripture.”

Chris Whitesell, sophomore music major, has made it his resolution to plow through IMDb’s top-250 best films of all time, and to critically analyze each and every one.

He has already begun this list and is determined to watch all the movies.

Whitesell’s favorite movie on the list is the third installment of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. He has had to force himself to sit down and watch other movies due to their obscure titles.

His reaction after finishing a movie is always a variety of emotions from joy, fear, a few tears here and there or wonder-struck as he learns why they are so highly rated.

When it comes to watching movies, it takes time and patience to sit down and watch the whole thing through, even if the film is not all that great.

“I’m very much enjoying this resolution,” Whitesell said. “There have been some fantastic movies that I’m glad I forced myself to watch.”

As mentioned before, resolutions do not have to be done alone. The Associated Students of California Baptist University’s sophomore representative, Alexander Hamilton, and his girlfriend, Casey Hall, sophomore communication disorders major, have found a creative way to combine their New Year’s resolutions into a bucket list for the whole year.

The couple said it is a special and adventurous way to go throughout the year as they share and accomplish both their common and personal goals together.

“I’ve always thought (New Year’s resolutions) to be silly,” Hamilton said. “But we placed them in this list so it’s more of a fun and possible thing to accomplish together.”

This year, students are determined to set aside time in hopes of accomplishing unique resolutions while pushing their personal limits of what they are capable of doing.

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