R-Rated movies expose lack of shame within American society

Whether movies are sci-fi, comedy, romance or drama, it seems all the R-rated ones have one requirement: to expose both males and females to far more than they should. Bodies are no longer covered and have been used as a means of entertainment, or so it seems.

Going from displaying gory, bloody wars to the exhibition of someone ruthlessly decapitating a victim, movies rated “R” have not only become more graphic, but have also shifted, displaying much more nudity and inappropriate material to entertain their general audiences.

All horror films seem to be showcased and released with at least one inappropriate scene, as if these scenes were necessary and add essential parts to the story when this is not true.

A film can be equally or even more successful without having such inappropriate scenes.

Additionally, romance does not need to be portrayed with such detail, and being able to watch one of these movies should not continue to become increasingly uncomfortable.

With time it seems the movie industry is targeting a younger generation, which has been continuously bombarded with corruption and is becoming used to the fact that these things are normal and acceptable in society.

The motives may be that “sex sells,” but it is not a justifiable consideration as movies were once sold at rapid rates without many of these scenes.

Even though it may be completely unnecessary to show such scenes, as the story has nothing to do with the topic, producers and directors seem to be using sex appeal and nudity to capture the audiences’ attention and display something that is deemed to be inappropriate for anyone under 17 years old to watch.

However, now that movie rentals are accessible to everyone through the convenience of Redbox and other movie providers, people younger than 17 can take their parent’s credit card and rent the movies of their choice, often selecting films with explicit material that no one, in general, should be watching.

The movie industry along with directors and the actors themselves should not be in accordance with making these films so explicit. Women should not be OK with displaying their bodies to not only the directors and the people they work with, but also to the world that gets to see these movies.

These films not only encourage teens and others to behave in a certain way, but also degrade females and showcase them as objects.

This needs to stop before things get even worse and many more things become acceptable when filming.

A movie can and should be made without the exposure of the male or female body before children and young teenagers continue believing this a part of society and life, in general.

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