Clippers win over fans, city

Los Angeles is a city where everything is over the top and glamorous — it may not come as a surprise to the sports fanatic that it is home to two of the most talked about teams in the NBA.

Although there does not seem to be anything but a natural competitive rivalry between the two L.A. teams, it seems the real rivalry exists between the fans.

For years, the Clippers have been looking up at the division-leading Lakers. This year, that has changed.

With 16 NBA championships, the Lakers have created an imprint on not only the city of Los Angeles, but the entire NBA.

”The Lakers have made an imprint on the NBA because of all the legends they have produced such as Kareem (Abdul-Jabbar), Kobe (Bryant), and Shaq (Shaquille O’Neal),” said Dylan Covell, junior marketing major. “The NBA isn’t the same without the Lakers.”

Yellow and purple have become synonymous with Hollywood, wealth, stardom and an abundance of NBA title trophies.

It has become a common spectacle and form of entertainment whenever the teams play each other at The Staples Center.

This is because of the array of big-name A-listers lining the courtsides. It is normal to see celebrities such as Jack Nicholson, Chris Brown, Justin Bieber and Snoop Dogg attend games held at home.

Distinguishing between true Lakers fans and true Clippers fans takes some investigation.

Elyse Williams, sophomore kinesiology major, explains her interpretation of the rivalry.

“The Lakers have a pretty big fan base and a lot of people sport their gear, but I think the Clippers are doing better,” Williams said. “I feel that the Lakers dominate in fans, but the Clippers dominate on the court.”

With low success rates and zero titles to their name, the L.A. Clippers have struggled to grasp dominance over the Lakers in the past.

However, the dedicated Clippers fans have begun to take the rivalry to a whole new level as the organization has stepped up its game and player notability.

The Clippers’ reputation as the underdog has died down in the 2012-2013 season as the Lakers success rate has begun to decrease.

With one of the most successful coaches in NBA history stepping down and a pair of incomparable coach replacements, the Lakers are showing signs of weakness.

This has allowed room for the Clippers to begin the attempt to take over the reign of the city.

With the Lakers recently falling 107-102 to the Clippers, there is reason for the Clippers fans to rise up and speak out about the success of their team.

”The Lakers bench started out too thin from the start of the season, and the Clippers stole the show with their athleticism and healthy players,” said Shelly Deleon, junior Kinesiology major.

“It’s good for the L.A. rivalry because it gets all those Clippers fans fired up after years of being second to the Lakers.”

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