Larson leaves strong career

Already swimming competitively at the age of 5, Molly Larson had to choose between swim and other sports. Swim took the lead and now a 20-year-old senior health education major, Larson is looking at the end of her swimming career.

Originally from Seattle, Wash., Larson moved to California Baptist University in the fall of 2010 to pursue her swimming career. Although she is in her senior year, she was not a transfer student.

Larson was able to complete her first year of college while still in her senior year of high school. Since she came to CBU with a year already under her belt, Larson was able to get a running start and is now finishing college after only three years of studies.

After visiting other places, Larson visited CBU on a recruiting trip and said she fell in love with the campus.

She liked the small school and team environment. While swimming in Washington, Larson had a swim coach who had attended and swam at CBU. This helped her in picking the school because she knew someone who had attended CBU.

“Molly is definitely a leader,” said teammate Alyson Barnes, freshman English major. “She is always encouraging and always seems to have a positive attitude. This makes practice enjoyable.”

Over the years, most of the sports teams at CBU have changed from the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics to the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

This has pushed the swim team out of national competition; since it is a preliminary year, they cannot compete in nationals.

“I would love to have gone,” Larson said. “But I got to compete in NAIA my freshman year.”

Since joining the team, Larson has grown close to teammates. Because of their many practices together, she said they have become “a big family.”

“There are moments we all want to kill each other, but I know I always have a friend I can talk to,” Larson said.

As graduation approaches, Larson said she looks forward to returning home to her family and boyfriend and plans on getting a job. Her hopes are to find a job and get involved with a non-profit company that revolves around the health-care industry.

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