Single’s awareness, or Valentine’s Day

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It is that time of year when singles may feel out of place and jealousy may linger as couples express their undying love for one another through words, actions, speech and more.

For some, it is just a time to host a pity-party, watch chick flicks, eat chocolate and cry.

Photo by Nathan Boschen"Bryan Curtis, Andy Abelein and Kenny Walraven plan on hanging out and supporting eachother through friendship while others may have romantic plans."
Photo by Nathan Boschen
“Bryan Curtis, Andy Abelein and Kenny Walraven plan on hanging out and supporting eachother through friendship while others may have romantic plans.”

1. Love Yourself
Valentine’s Day is all about love, so why not make it worth the while by first learning how to love yourself for who God made you to be. Accept your body as it is, and present it to Christ as a living sacrifice.

Do not think of why you are still single and if you will be single for the rest of your life. Do not worry about the rejections and take time to heal from past relationships. After you have freed and loved yourself, then you will be able to love that significant other in your life.

2. Go to the Movies
Research which movie is being shown or go see a movie you have always wanted to see but just have not had enough time to see.
For example, “Safe Haven” is a new romantic movie coming out in theaters this Valentine’s Day. Call up a few of your single friends — even the one you have had a crush on for the longest time but just never had the guts to say it — and go see the movie.

Catch up with your friends, have some fun and take that well-deserved breather you need.

3. Spread Valentine’s Day Cheer
If you are good at baking or art, put your skills to the test. Bake heart-shaped cookies, make post cards or jewelry for friends, neighbors or even a random person. Put a smile on someone’s face by showing him or her that someone cares and loves them.

4. Work Late/Do Assignments
To take your mind off the fact that you are single, keep yourself busy doing something productive. Use the time and complete projects, catch up on those notes you missed from a couple classes, prepare for a presentation or test the next day.

After all, it is just a normal day. No need to do overdo it.

5. Organize a Game Night
All work and no play makes life more rigorous and dull than it needs to be. Organize a game night with friends, co-workers and schoolmates.

Plan on playing board games, video games, battle of the sexes — games that will bring some competition. Incorporate a “potluck.”
Have each person prepare something different, order pizza and have a good time.

Valentine’s Day does not have to be a day full of feeling sorrow and loneliness, make it about celebrating your single self.

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