Combat drunken driving through driver education

a threat to all drivers, and endangers the lives of all who use motorized vehicles.

Individuals must continue to be educated on the implications of receiving a DUI and recognize the impact drunken driving can have on citizens.

Driving under the influence has compromised both property and safety of individuals for more than 100 years. No one is exempt from danger.

Although this knowledge has been continually recognized, it fails to fully affect the behavior of drivers who are under the influence of alcohol.

A detachment between knowledge and behavior exists. Individuals may have heard about the dangers of driving while under the influence but are more influenced by the belief that an accident or presentation of a DUI will not happen to them.

Citizens must recognize that they are responsible for the choices they make. All individuals must begin to realize the danger of driving under the influence and begin to take responsibility for their reckless actions.

The most efficient way to combat drunken driving is to further educate citizens about the negative effects. Programs such as “Every 15 Minutes” prove to be effective ways to communicate the dangers of drunken driving to youth. These programs must continue to be publicized and discussed.

Once an individual receives a DUI it remains a part of his or her driving record for life. One careless mistake causes harm to the individual, as well as others.

Drivers must take DUIs seriously.

Impaired actions may lead to serious injury or death. Once an act is committed it cannot be erased.

DUIs exist to provide punishment for driving while intoxicated. Beyond recognition of the purpose of a DUI, citizens must be educated on the dangers of impaired driving and must prevent others from doing so as long as it is in one’s power to stop a severe mistake.

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