Match leads to assault

As reliable as the Internet can be sometimes, it is not always a safe place.

There is no denying that the standards and expectations of dating between men and women have changed over the years. Online dating has made it much easier to find people with whom one might be compatible.

However, the implementation of online dating sites like has brought up more safety precautions that individuals need to keep in mind.

Mary Kay Beckman, a woman from Las Vegas, recently found that out the hard way. Beckman signed up for unaware of the dangers of meeting someone online.

Beckman was matched with Wade Ridley back in 2010 and after a 10-day relationship, decided to break things off. Instead of handling a breakup like most people do, Ridley hid in Beckman’s garage, stabbed her 10 times, and proceeded to stomp and kick her after his knife broke.

Beckman is now suing for $10 million. Beckman’s cause for suing the company is to make sure the website does a better job of screening users and notifying them of the potential dangers of using their services.

The site is aware of the dangers that online dating poses. In fact, their terms of use warns users that the dating service is not responsible for the interactions that users have online or offline, as well as any damages or injuries that result through meeting potential matches.

The site does not do background checks on users when they sign up for the site, but they do reserve the right to check names against the National Sex Offender Registry at any time.

With odds like these, it makes the thought of online dating even more terrifying than pursuing relationships offline.

There is security in that if you get creepy vibes from someone, you do not have to meet up with them. But the fact of the matter is you honestly do not know if that guy you have been flirting with may be plotting your impending doom.

However, this issue can be seen the same with starting a relationship offline. You really never know the actions of which a person is capable until you get to know him or her and spend time with that individual.

This is why it is important to scope out a person and be their friend before committing to a relationship. Sure, you run the risk of getting “friend-zoned,” but it is just as important to be someone’s friend in a relationship as it is to be there for them in a romantic way.

Through exercising caution — such as suggesting a double date with friends, meeting in a public place or meeting in broad daylight — the risks of meeting someone who could possibly harm you will be combated.

What happened to Beck-man is tragic, but suing will not help the matter.

People need to exercise more caution when pursuing relationships online because they never know with whom they are meeting for coffee until it is too late.

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