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Recognition honors CBU 2012 donors, students say ‘Thank You’
At California Baptist University, Feb. 14 is not just about romance but also about showing appreciation for those who take an interest in students’ education.

As students made their way from class to class last week, eyes were drawn to the red hearts attached to buildings, benches and equipment.

The stickers were placed as a part of “Love a Donor Day” to remind students of the generosity of the many donors that help fund the university.

In additon, students and faculty showed their gratitude for one another in two ways. CBU faculty members wore red hearts on their clothing Feb. 13 and 14 in hopes of showing their love for education and for the students who make up the university.

At the beginning of each class, the professors were asked to give a brief explanation of the heart and tell the students why they enjoy teaching.

Academic Services devised this idea to remind students that they are “the heart” of CBU.

Tables set up in the Stamps Courtyard gave students the opportunity to write a note of thanks to the 2012 donors who contributed to the university.

Faculty and staff members who donated funds to the universitylast year also wore “I am loved” pins on campus. In exchange for writing notes, students received a candy bar.

This event was devised as a way to “thank our donors in a unique way because it comes from the students themselves and make students aware of the donors’ role on this campus,” said Kim Cunningham, manager of donor relations.

This year, students wrote approximately 500 thank-you cards that will be mailed out to different alumni and key donors who supported California Baptist University financially during this calendar year.

“I’ve grown to love the people personally and feel like they are doing a great job following the Great Commission and I wanted to support that,” said Wendy England, university receptionist.

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