Riverside to conduct life survey

The city of Riverside will be conducting quality of life surveys starting late March and running through April.

Random phone surveys will be conducted in March, and online and paper surveys will be available in April. College students are encouraged to take part in the survey any way they can.

The surveys are part of Seizing Our Destiny: The Agenda for Riverside’s Innovative Future, which is an initiative dedicated to improving the quality of life in Riverside.

According to the website, seizingourdestiny.com, Seizing Our Destiny’s vision is that Riverside would be known as a unified city, a location of choice, a catalyst for innovation and a place of intelligent growth.

“We are very desirous to include CBU students in the survey,” said Melissa Garrety, who works with the Office of Economic Development for the city of Riverside. “We want to make sure that college students’ voices are heard in this process and are reflected in the results of the survey.”

Garrety said the economic development office hopes to have a presence on campus sometime in April to provide a place to take the paper survey and get more information about the Seizing Our Destiny initiative.

The survey will cover a variety of topics from safety concerns to community involvement. The initiative hopes to use the data collected from th survey to gauge how the initiative has affected the quality of life in Riverside, as well as how to continue improving the city.

Mark S. Langworthy, senior history and political science double major, said he likes Riverside, overall. His home is in Murrieta, so he notices the smog whenever he comes back to Riverside.

“It does make the sunsets nice, though,” Langworthy said.

As a cross-country runner, Langworthy said he would like to see more parks and greenery in the Riverside area.

“Since I run around the area a lot, I like it when it’s not just city,” he said.

Garrety encouraged students to keep up with developments on the survey and Seizing Our Destiny through following the Facebook and Twitter initiatives.

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