Administration announces increase in tuition, fees

The Office of Finance and administration at California Baptist University informed students that tuition for the 2013-2014 academic year has increased from $12,545 to $13,156 per semester, effective July 1, 2013.

Karina Ruelas, sophomore sociology major, said, “I didn’t know that tuition was going to increase when I chose to come to CBU and it has every year I have been here.”

Universities often have to make minor changes to tuition prices to offsetgrowing costs they incur as a result of growth and financial inflation.

Following the most recent increase many students are curious where their money is going.

Calvin Sparkman, director of financial services for finance and administration, explained that the price increase is necessary for the maintenance and education that the university provides for its growing student population.

“As enrollment increases, so does the cost of serving a larger population,” Sparkman said. “Increasing student enrollment helps fund the growth and quality of programs, services and activities that make up the CBU experience. But while enrolling new students generates additional revenue, it does not cover increasing costs to serve those already enrolled.”

Some CBU students say that had they known there would be increases in tuition, they would had kept more options open.

“I would have looked into other places had I known,” Amanda Nassraway, sophomore kinesolgy major, said.

Sparkman explained that the CBU administration is sensitive to the issue that students face with tuition and constantly works to contain costs and keep education affordable.

Despite feeling the impacts of the tuition increase, CBU students are not alone.

According to the California State University website, the CSU system increased tuition by nearly 400 percent over a 10-year span.

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