Bow Tie Tuesday: classy, daring trend

It is a Tuesday morning and you open your eyes, check your Facebook notifications, browse Instagram, jump in the shower and realize you have absolutely no idea what you are going to wear to class.

The girl who usually sits in front of you wears heels every day, the hipster a couple a few seats down always has the sweetest cardigans, and the teacher looks his classiest in a blazer with some elbow pads.

Lucky for you, it is a Tuesday.

Christopher Shields, freshman business administration major, started a new trend on campus by wearing a bow tie on Tuesdays.
Shields began this fashion tradition when he was in high school, but he did not wear a bow tie weekly until he came to California Baptist University.

Bow Tie Tuesday originated from long before he could even tie one around his own neck. Shields said the first outfit he ever wore consisted of a bow tie.

Later, when he began high school, his basketball coach asked them to dress up on game days. While the other teammates chose ties and button-downs, Shields always favored bow ties.

The Bow Tie Tuesday fad grows each week at CBU.

At first, others only admired the trend but then slowly began taking part in it. Josh Siemens, junior business administration major and Shields’ resident adviser, participated in Bow Tie Tuesday one week.

Siemens said he thinks it is a unique trend, but by the time he wakes up in the morning for class, wearing a bow tie is not his highest priority.

Along with Siemens, other resident advisers of Smith Hall and the resident director, Jay Stovall, have rallied to support the trend.
“It’s great, (it) brings a community of guys together for one great cause … looking fresh with some bow ties,” Stovall said.

Stovall was spotted participating in Bow Tie Tuesday and encourages male students to join in making this fashion statement.

Shields has a plethora of bow ties varying in different shapes and colors and would enjoy seeing others participate in the ritual he began.

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