Student’s logo wins airplane design competition

California Baptist University is helping one student’s dream of becoming a successful graphic designer “take off.”

Taylor Griner, sopho-more graphic design major, is the winner of the recent Aircraft Design competition that was held by CBU’s graphic design and photography department.

Griner’s artwork will be featured on an aircraft belonging to the school’s Department of Aviation Science.

Participants of the competition were asked to submit artwork to cover a Boeing 727-200 airplane donated to the school by FedEx.

The plane will advertise the school’s upcoming aviation program, as well as provide a laboratory for the education of future aviation students.

“I entered my design thinking it would be a good learning experience but never thought my design would win,” Griner said.

Her submission was centered on the idea of the Great Commission.

“I tried to think about what would be the best representation of CBU,” Griner said. “It needed to portray what CBU is all about. I decided to incorporate the globe right above the wing of the aircraft. I wanted to use something that would symbolize CBU working toward achieving the Great Commission.”

Griner was required to work within parameters set by school administrators when designing the artwork to be displayed on the aviation department’s new plane laboratory.

The FedEx logo needed to be covered, CBU’s school colors blue and gold to be implemented in the design, and the tagline “Live Your Purpose” had to be a featured element of the design in some way.

All submissions were printed and mounted on 11-by-17-inch black art boards, with views from the front and both sides of the aircraft included.

Dr. Ronald Ellis, CBU university president, was chosen to select the winning submission. He made the decision after a number of days.

“The design was selected out of about a half-dozen entries,” said Michael Berger, assistant professor of graphic design.

Griner was notified soon after the decision.

“I received the phone call when I was at lunch in the cafeteria and I was so excited I yelled in front of everyone,” Griner said, recalling her initial reaction to finding out she had won the contest.

She said the win will be of great long-term professional benefit.

“Having an airplane in my portfolio is a prize in itself,” Griner said.

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