Wearing pajamas in class shows lack of professionalism, interest

Pajamas are meant to be worn for sleeping, but with limited time to get ready, it seems that more and more students are wearing them to class and everywhere they go — an act that should not be acceptable.

As students, we attend college to better prepare ourselves and learn how to be professionals in our field of study and, as such, we should prepare physically to face a world that values presentation.

If, instead, we become struck by the customs of a laid-back culture that deprives us of the formality that is necessary to carry out professionalism, then we are missing the purpose of becoming well-educated and learning to be proper.

Wearing pajamas to class is not only sign of laziness and deprivation of time, but it also demonstrates that there is no interest in looking presentable and being respectful of others in your presence.

Pajamas were made for allowing someone to sleep comfortably and are to be worn specifically in bed or at the end of the day when you are relaxing at home.

Therefore, they should not be used just as any other outfit that can be worn throughout the day.

This is not the only problem with wearing pajamas throughout the day. Some can be inappropriate to wear and may also be far too revealing, violating dress code and moral standards.

If in any case you suspect that you will be running late the next morning due to lack of sleep or an extensive list of things you need to do, it would be best to simply fall asleep in jeans and a shirt as opposed to your pajamas as these will be far more presentable than an outfit made to be worn in bed.

Another option would be to lay out your outfit the night before and have it ready to go for the next day.

Next time you are in a rush ready to leave your house with pajamas, think twice about the decision you are making and the look you are presenting.

First impressions are critical and you would never want to meet your employer while in your pajamas.

Avoid looking silly and prepare for a world of professionalism by ditching your pajamas when you go to class — or any other place outside of your room.

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