Apple’s logo design invokes temptation

Apple products have been skyrocketing in purchases and reputation these past few years.

The question remains as to whether the factors of indulgence, based on the fruit taken from Adam and Eve, is a reason why it is so tempting for customers to purchase Apple products.

“Well, first of all, we don’t know for certain if it was an apple Eve took from the tree,” said Dante Kari, sophomore psychology major. “And, Apple highly emphasizes customer loyalty.”

Kari said that even if Apple did not have much revenue, people would still pride themselves in a brand that is more superior than others.
“I actually never thought of the Apple logo to symbolize temptation,” said Vanessa Roman, junior English major. “In my personal opinion, I have always thought the Apple symbolized intelligence. Which, with the purchase of an Apple product, I feel I have the intelligence of being up-to-date with technology purchasing a great quality product.”

Roman also said her boyfriend has replaced all of his old technology with Apple and is constantly reading up on different blogs about new Apple products.

“In the perspective of my boyfriend, I do think the Apple being a symbol representing temptation to be very accurate,” Roman said. “If people want to buy an Apple product merely because of the Apple logo, much like my boyfriend, then there is definitely a bit of temptation and indulgence involved.”

There are multiple perspectives to be looked at when examining the meaning of temptation, whether it is by the logo or the reputation.
Ultimately, the factors of a company’s social status definitely has an influence to the success of Apple. The high quality of their product is another factor to consider before accusing Apple of being born to tempt customers into taking a first bite.

In 2013, Dell made a total revenue of $56.9 billion, while Apple made an impressive $108.25 billion–nearly double compared to their competing company. This  shows the success Apple has achieved due to branding and reputation.

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