End of summer, beginning of new semester brings transition

As summer vacation comes to an end, the days become shorter, and the pressure of school starting heightens anxiety in students.

Here are some helpful tips from fellow Lancers on ways to get back into school mode.

When starting the first year of college or getting back into the rhythm of the following school year, one way to get back into school mode is to buy and prepare the necessary items to ensure school success.

“When I want to get back into school mode, I first make sure I am financially cleared, then buy all my textbooks prior to the semester and any school supplies needed for a class,” said Cecily B. Dussell, senior biochemistry major.

Another way to get back into school mode is to get in touch with the professors of courses that one is taking.

“I always respond to my professors’s emails and ask questions about the important things I will need in that class,” said Meghan A. Devore senior biochemistry major.

One important aspect of getting back into school mode is starting a normal sleep schedule.

“One month before school starts I set my alarm a couple minutes earlier every day so I don’t sleep through my first day of classes,” said Nikole L. Fulcher, senior business major.

With new schedules and classes, learning how to balance everything can be tricky and sometimes frustrating — but learning this skill can help one get back into an effective school mode that works best for the student.

Alexis Whitlock, senior graphic design and film studies major, said, “Make sure you balance time with your friends and time for homework. Don’t let either one consume all of your time. It is important to give yourself some mental breaks every now and then.”

Creating a good study environment is another way to get into the rhythm of school. When creating an environment that allows one to focus while studying, it brings concentration and helps the student get back into school mode.

“The way I prepare is by going shopping and getting all the things I need for my apartment,” said Katie J. Woodrow, junior nursing major.

Now that summer has come to an end, get ready, get set and take on this new semester with anticipation.

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